Group Therapy

Group counseling offers you an opportunity to improve your social and emotional intelligence. Even if you already are effective at interpersonal relationships, group counseling can help you attune to those around you as well as build self awareness during social situations. In this atmosphere, it takes trust and compassion to create the working group dynamic. If you have a hard time trusting people or having empathy, a group setting may be a perfect opportunity to build those skills and challenge yourself to grow

Support and understanding is also a part of group therapy work. A. Bingham Counseling offers support groups for a variety of experiences- stress from parenting, LGBTQI adolescents, social skills for the gifted, anger management, and more. Check the Facebook page for updates on available groups and meeting times. If you have an idea/topic for a group you would like to participate in, please email at and I will work with you to create a growing experience.